Friday, September 2, 2011

My First Stashbusting September Project!

Here it is, September 2nd, and I have completed THREE projects in one day! I rewarded myself with a piece of pie. :) Two of the projects didn't really warrant a place on the blog, but just to fill you in on my productivity I finally stitched on ALL of the patches that the kids have collected from Build and Grow at Lowes. (6 months worth. Multiply that by three kids and you get an idea of how many I had to do.) I also finished Mistress's ballet shoe tote bag. Two projects that had been sitting in the procrastination pile done. Then I pulled out some of the stuff in my stash to do this project...a skirt for Mistress!

I have made this skirt before, the Market Skirt from Made. Today though, I pulled from TWO stashes, mine and my mom's! (Check out the picture, when was the last time you saw a package of bias tape for under $1?)
Several months ago when we were visiting my parents, I was in my mom's sewing room and came across several packages of bias tape from when I was a little girl. I commented that they were actually so old that they were cool again, so my mom told me to take them. Score! So I started with some red seersucker stripe and some leftover white broadcloth, added the bias tape and voila! Here is the end result! I'm planning to pair it with a white tank while it's still hot out and when it gets colder I can easily change the tank to a short or long sleeved t-shirt with or without a lightweight cardigan to keep her warm. Maybe tomorrow I can try out fabric rosettes, I've been wanting to take a stab at them for a while I think a headband to match this skirt would send her off the cuteness charts!


  1. I really need to learn how to make my own bias tape (I know Made has a tutorial) I LOVE the market skirt and feel inspired to try one for Ms. C

  2. Fabric rosettes are so easy and would be super cute on a headband!

  3. Congratulations! This is one of the top ten stashbusting projects! Now go vote for yourself...

  4. Just letting you know you won! Can you email me your address so we can send you your prize.