Friday, September 9, 2011

A Cradle For Baby

For over a year now, Mistress has been the proud owner of a doll cradle. An adorable doll cradle from Pottery Barn Kids that has sat without bedding in the corner where it was not soft enough (her words) for the babies to sleep in. So, the babies slept in the cradle that Uncle built for her and the white one was just a storage unit for the unlucky babies who were piled up when Mommy wanted the room clean. Yesterday Mistress told me that she needed more beds because the babies needed to spread out and sleep, so I finally got around to a 20 minute project that should have been finished a year ago.
I started with some flannel from my stash, (because don't forget I'm not buying anything this month) and a tiny little baby blanket that she got when she was born.
Then with two rectangles of flannel, three layers of leftover batting, and 20 minutes, I made a small mattress for the bottom of the cradle. Now Mistress's babies can sleep in total comfort and I have one more project finished up!

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  1. So sweet! I can't understand what took you so long! (Actually, I can!)