Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lest You Think I've been Eating BonBons...

We've been spending a ton of time outside this summer, so far it hasn't been overly hot (although that's ending this week, 106 tomorrow!) and so I've taken advantage of the weather to keep my garden going.

As you can see, it's doing fairly well!
 This is my lettuce.  My lettuce was doing great, until the day after this photo when it was shriveled and brown.  It has revived itself however, and is now doing well.  I think it's bi-polar.
 While not as prolific, this mix of lettuce will still make a great salad!
The onions are doing great, I just need to thin them a bit!
 Then there's the beans.  Does anyone need any?  I've given them out to all my immediate neighbors, plus I still have a ton left.  Perhaps next year 4-6 plants will suffice...


The tomatoes were doing great, until the deer decided to snack on them.  
If anyone would like to hunt in my backyard I'm good with that...