Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Recipe and the BEST Way to Clean a Crockpot

Last night for dinner I made the most amazing dish:

It was amazing, the kids loved it, DH and I loved it, it was pretty easy to make and will definitely go on my "make again" list. Unfortunately, the sugar glaze also left a baked on sticky mess in my crock pot. Yuck. I didn't even know where to start and thought I'd tackle it in the morning, but in a sudden stroke of genius I filled the pot with water, added some dish soap, and plugged it in on high overnight. This morning with a simple swirl of the dish brush it all came off in seconds. From now on all my baked on crock pot messes will cook overnight!


  1. i HATE cleaning those crockpots, but they are a fall/winter essential around here. thanks for the tip - way better than those expensive liners!

  2. Tried this this past weekend with pork chops. They were delicious! Thanks for the inspiration!