Thursday, March 24, 2011

Covered Box

The weather in South Carolina has been amazing lately. That's great for exercise and fresh air, but not good for crafting. My kiddos have been outside from sunup to sundown and by default, so have I. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it, but it would be nice to have a chance to get some work done! Mistress Monstress isn't in school yet either, so I can't even work when the kids are gone during the day so I don't have any time to get anything done! Oh well, I'm sure that before I know it the hot days of summer will be here and I'll get a ton of crafting done. :) Anyway, moving on...

This thing has been kicking around my craft room for months. Mistress Monstress got a set of wooden food in it at Christmas and although I wasn't sure what on earth to do with it, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away either.
Starting with osnaberg, I cut a piece (well actually I just tore it) several inches larger than my box.
Make cuts on each side from the edge of the fabric to the corner of the box. Starting on the side with the longer strip, fold up, glue, and manipulate the fabric until you have the first side covered. The repeat the process on the OPPOSITE side.
I folded and tucked until it was relatively neat.
Now you have the two shorter sides left. These two are easy, just pull them up and glue them down.
Add a ribbon to jazz it up a bit. Find the center of your ribbon and attach it with a tiny bit of hot glue at the back, then bring it around and tie in a bow.
These eggs are one of my treasures. I made them when I was a little girl with my Nana. Each of the little flowers was cut from a paper napkin, then decoupaged on and covered with glitter. I can still remember vividly sitting at her kitchen table as she patiently worked with me to create each one. Nana had them out every Easter, usually in a silver bowl with Easter Grass. When she died, they were one of the first things I asked for and I have made sure they come out every spring. They remind me of her. I miss her. Now they have a new home in the Easter centerpiece!
And Voila! One new Easter Centerpiece using one of my favorite mementos. After Easter season has passed, I plan to find some small terra cotta pots and use this as a little herb planter in my kitchen. I'll make sure to put up a post after it has been transformed!

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