Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Quick Catchup!

Hey all! I'm back from a wonderful vacation with all the women in my family and ready to start back up in the blogging world! My mom, Mistress, and I all just spent the last week on a girls week in Los Angeles to visit my aunt. We had tea parties, went shopping, and visited Disneyland and California Adventure together, and I so enjoyed having some girl time. I used to visit my aunt all the time, but haven't been out there in over 14 years. I figured it was about time for a visit, so we planned to go and take Mistress for her first plane ride to the west coast. First off, she was SO good! Seriously, a three year old who wasn't phased by jet lag other than to take uncharacteristic naps regularly and was pleasant and well behaved was a wonderful way to spend a vacation!

In other exciting news, the Southern Stitcher household has added a new member to our family.

She's a two year old schnoodle we adopted and brought into our family and all the kids are enthralled with her. She's a very patient pooch and has made herself at home in the house. Never having had a pet before I'm adjusting a little more slowly, but she is a good dog and we are happy to have her. I'm beginning the process of decorating "Lucy's room," (aka the laundry room) and will have to post pictures of the transformation as soon as I get it all done. I've been wanting to make it more user friendly for a while now and getting her was the kick (cough*excuse*cough) I needed. After all, she needs to feel at home! Look for the Lucy/laundry room transformation in the near future, and I have a ton of projects lined up for the holiday season. Stay tuned!

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  1. So happy you had the opportunity to spend a girls week away! Looking forward to your projects!