Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Genetic.

If you've ever wondered where I get my creative side, look no further. My mother is an amazing seamstress who teaches classes, used to write for a magazine, and has made a good portion of the clothes that I wore when I was a child and still makes a good portion of clothing for our kids, especially Mistress. I wanted to share these amazing creations that she made!

This Santa was originally made for my grandmother as a Christmas gift one year. When she died, I inherited it from her. The body is made from leftover fabric from the bridesmaids' dresses from my parents' wedding. I have always loved it, both for the sentiment and just because it's beautiful. I am so grateful to have been the one to get it, and treasure it until the day it gets handed down.
And now this year my mother surprised us with an early gift. This Santa was also made by my mother, and she made the body of this one (a little hard to see with his coat closed) out of leftover fabric from my wedding gown. (Which she also made!)
They are displayed with a third Santa that was handmade by an artist from DH's hometown. I love this little group in our dining room, high away from little hands, and look forward to adding to the collection if another special fabric comes my way someday!

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  1. They are gorgeous. Your family is extremely talented!