Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Continued!

All our company is gone (for six days until we get some more) and Halloween decorations are coming down rapidly. I managed to get all the costumes done on time, although I won't deny that I finished the Professor's costume at about 2:00 in the afternoon and was braiding a Rapunzel wig during Tumbling class at 3:30. Nonetheless I got it all done and I had three very cute little trick-or-treaters on Monday night!
Here's my little Clone Trooper! Specifically, Captain Rex. They do not make patterns for a clone trooper, so I bought him the helmet at TJ Maxx for $15 and spent $6 on white fleece to make the suit. I used a pattern for an astronaut and a sharpie marker to make the lines on the front. Then I used scraps of black and blue fleece to make the collar and belt, pulled a pair of black gloves out of the closet, and added his black shoes and a Star Wars gun from the dress up box. Did I mention that this costume was $70 online? The Professor said I got it just right and he LOVED it! He's worn it for general dress up three more times since Halloween! BTW, he's quite the poser. I have about eight different trooper poses!
And Buggy! I didn't make his costume, we found it at a yard sale for $10. I would have made one for him, but why look a gift horse in the mouth? He loved it just as much and I would have spent much more if I had made it myself. Plus, Darth Vader is not something I was looking forward to attempting. It seemed more challenging than the storm trooper...
Everything worked out just right, and we had a great time trick or treating. Now I'm looking forward to trying some new projects for Christmas!


  1. Ashli, the costume is amazing!

  2. Great job; love the improvising on "The Professor"s" costume! Proud of you, as always!