Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stashbusting September Preview!

In honor of the be-here-before-we-know-it Stashbusting September, I decided to throw together a few projects today. In keeping with the rules that will be in effect for September, I didn't use anything that I didn't already have in my craft room, and made three cute little projects that were all quick and simple!

First off, you might remember the pillows I made for our front porch a while back? Well we have this little folding chair that used to be DH's dad's when he was little and what better place is there to put something as cute as this than on the front porch? I made a small pillow to go on the back of it, since even Mistress needs comfortable pillows!
See? She's right at home checking out all the fun stuff going on around the neighborhood! Only took about 30 minutes to make the pillow from start to finish using scraps left over from the pillows I made for the grown up chairs. As for the next project, see the skirt that she's wearing?
Yup, made that too! I had a little under a yard of this blue and white seersucker that I picked up a while back from the remnant bin. I paid somewhere around $3 for it when I got it, and it had just been sitting around collecting dust. I made a quick skirt for myself, and one for Mistress using Dana's Simple Skirt tutorial. Under 30 minutes per skirt and we had some summery skirts to pair with tanks to keep cool down here in the summer.

Peek a Boo!
See the detail I put on her skirt? I had fixed a Belle costume for Mistress this morning and when I went to make the skirt the yellow thread was still in the machine. I liked the contrast, so I went with it and used it to put her skirt together. Paired with a yellow tank and a messy ponytail she is ready to take on the southern heat in July!
So there you have it! Three cute and simple projects using things I already had on hand, an hour and a half of time, and cleaned out a little space in my craft room. I'm getting really excited for Stashbusting September, and am planning to take the idea a step further. Stay tuned to see how!


  1. Love them all! Can't wait to see what else you come up with for Stash busting September! So glad you linked up!

  2. Love it! The little pillow is such a nice touch and the skirt is perfect for her. Great job, as always!

  3. Love the skirt - that's the same tutorial I was great, wasn't it?!