Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home. Again.

While I won't promise that I won't leave again, I will promise that all scheduled traveling is complete for this summer. We just pulled in from two weeks up north visiting friends and family, and since I took the kids by myself, I am ready for some R&R. (Preferably in the form of pedicures and drinks with a girlfriend while DH watches the kiddos!) We had a great time and loved seeing everyone, but are VERY glad to be back in our own beds. I am especially glad to be back in my own bed, since hopefully it will be without Mistress Monstress. Her feet in my face at 2 am got old after about two days, and there were several times I woke up perched on the edge of the bed while my not-quite-three year old hogged the entire full sized bed for herself. That being said though, it was wonderful to wake up to her sweet face every morning for two weeks, and there were several mornings when I had to wake her up when she slept too late. (How many parents can say that?) Seriously, I woke her one morning at 11:35. Can that even be called morning? I'll take that to mean that she had so much fun we wore her out. So we are back, I have plenty of projects lined up and as soon as I sort out my house and go to the grocery, I will be right back at it!

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