Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Staple of the South!

Ahhh, porches. I love porches, back, front, screened, open. One of the things I love about the South is the abundance of front porches and the rocking chairs that reside on them. Two rocking chairs were the first pieces of furniture we purchased after closing on our home last summer, and we lived in them for days. (Mostly because our furniture was in moving truck land, but I digress...) We love to take our coffee out on the porch in the early mornings, sit and watch our kids play in the afternoons, wait for The Professor's bus from school, or just wave to our neighbors and chat. One thing I did not love was my derriere falling asleep after sitting for more than 20 minutes, so I set out to make some cushions to alleviate that problem. My mom and dad came down for a visit last week, and mom gave me a tutorial on cushions. (Thanks Mama!) After several rainy days, I have finally been able to finish the cushions and throw pillows for our front porch, so now we can rock in comfort. Take a peek to see how they turned out!

The glider. Getting this piece of foam into the car was somewhat like wrestling an anaconda...
Our two rockers. This is one of my favorite places in the world to sit and read!
Just a little closer view of the fabric choices, I fell in love with the print on the pillows and built from there.
And just a warning, if any of the birds that have built a nest on the column on our porch poops on my new cushions, I will get a cat.
(And I really don't like cats all that much, so that's saying something.)
Overall I am thrilled with the way they turned out and am going to keep looking for a few more accessories to finish the bottom porch. When that is all done I am looking forward to working on our upstairs porch next. Yup, we have two front porches! I am in porch heaven here...


  1. Ashli, the cushions and pillows are gorgeous! I can't wait to sit on them :)

  2. Your cushions finish off the porch perfectly! Love them; great job!