Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ohio Principle

I know, you're probably wondering what on earth Ohio has to do with a crafting blog, right? Well, I'll tell you. It actually has nothing to do with the state itself, it is actually an acronym that my mother told me about and it is working wonders with my organization. I'm an organized person to begin with, having three kids I can't not be. Clutter always builds up in our home though, and I found things being moved around the house before they found their way home. Anyway, back to Ohio. Here's all you need to remember to keep a house clean and organized:


When you bring in the mail, throw the junk in the recycling bin and file the bills. When you take off your dirty clothes, throw them in the laundry bin. When you step on a toy, take 30 seconds to put it away. Or in my case, when you find a game piece, put it back in the game, don't make a pile of random game pieces that will take hours to sort. (We have a lot of games) So, remember the Ohio principle and maybe it will help you as it has helped me! More crafts tomorrow!

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