Friday, December 9, 2011

The $5 Candy Canes

Every Thursday night we go to a grocery store called Earth Fare. It is a fantastic natural food store with organic and healthy food, and on Thursdays they have kids eat free night. With the purchase of one adult meal, up to 6 kiddos can eat for free. It's a wonderful program and we love the food. (I love even more that 5 people can eat for under $10 and I don't have to clean my kitchen when we're done!) Last night Santa was there too, handing out organic candy canes and listening to kids' Christmas lists. Unfortunately, Buggy broke his candy cane. The world ended. While going through the checkout earlier I noticed boxes of candy canes stacked up though, and told him that I would just buy a box to take home. Problem solved. Right? They were $5 a box. For 10 canes. I almost choked. Unfortunately, I had already told him that I would buy them, and in a 5 year old's mind there is no going back on a promise once it has been spoken. So, I bought a box of candy canes. And you know what? They really were the best candy canes I had ever eaten. I might just be able to find room in the budget for one box of them each year. Bug got his unbroken cane and was happy. I hung the rest of them on the tree. Waaaay high up...

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