Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Dinner

Hey there! Sorry about yesterday, my parents were in town visiting and so we all headed off to Jim 'n Nick's Bar-b-que for dinner. YUM!!! Anyway, instead of Sunday dinner this week I'm posting Monday Dinner as an alternative. Better late than never, right? In an attempt to be completely honest though, I have to tell you that I actually cooked all this on Friday...

So on the menu was The Easiest Dinner EVER, a Mexican crockpot concoction that I was just dying to try. It was SO good and really lived up to it's description of the easiest dinner ever. Seriously, maybe a five minute prep time.
And second, we had the Two Ingredient Lemon Bars. Again, super simple and I will most definitely make them again. They were light with a fantastic flavor. I will say though that I baked them for about an extra 10 minutes, 20 minutes just didn't cut it in my oven.
So there you have it, my fast and easy Sunday turned Monday cooked on Friday dinner. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget, in just a few more days begins Stashbusting September, and I'm taking it a step further. Not only am I not buying any crafting supplies in September, I am also doing a budget freeze! Yup, more on that later, but suffice it to say September will be a lean month in the household!


  1. "Sunday turned Monday cooked on Friday dinner"
    Gotta love you!

    This is very similar to Angie's Creamy Black Bean Salsa Chicken that I just tried last week! Great minds think alike :)

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  3. mmmm looks good. Have you tried any recipes you found on pinterest yet?? I tried one when I was on vacation and it was very good!!