Saturday, January 12, 2013

Better Late than Never...

I know I know, this post should have been put up last month but I chose to spend the month with my kiddos doing fun stuff.  I didn't blog, I didn't facebook, I barely even emailed.  It was wonderful!  On the downside, now you're getting a Christmas post in January.  Oh well, is what it is!

We all know that the Professor LOVES anything to do with the military.  We even just redid his room for his birthday in a military theme.  (Post coming soon to a blog near you!)  One day when he was home sick from school he asked for a tree for his room and decided that he wanted to decorate it with, (what else?) a military theme.  Since I had no desire to spend a mint on ornaments, I pulled out a piece of leftover fabric and we got to work cutting out the tanks, patches, and eagles individually.
Then we put them through the laminator...

 ...and cut them out again.  My hand was VERY sore after this project!
Finally we punched holes in all of the new ornaments and threaded them with twine before hanging them on the tree.
And here is the end result!  A cute little patriotic tree topped with an American Flag patch.  The Professor was thrilled with the result and I was thrilled with the cost.  More importantly I was thrilled to spend some rare one on one time with my oldest, even if he had to be home sick from school to do it.

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