Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday Dinner...Kid Style!

I know I know, it's Tuesday. Read my blog long enough and you'll find that I'm not always the most punctual person in the world, and sometimes there are more important things that come up in life, like a picnic at the park on a sunny afternoon with Mistress. But I digress...
DH has been away for the last five days, so I have obtained a whole new level of respect for single parents. I have also been trying out some new kid friendly recipes to keep the Monsters fed around here. Ya'll know that I LOVE Pinterest. Well I decided that I should probably do more than just pin the recipes and crafts, so I'm working my way through my boards. My goal is to try ALL of the recipes I have pinned (while limiting myself to one or two sweets a week so as not to become a very unhealthy individual) and do more cooking and crafting and less pinning. Oh who am I kidding, I'll continue to pin...

First off, Corn Dog Muffins. Rave reviews, the kids loved them, they re-heated well, and when paired with a glass of milk and some fresh grapes made for a fantastic Saturday dinner!
Second, Crispy Coconut Chicken Fingers. These had mixed reviews, Mistress tolerated them (although keep in mind that she's not really a meat kiddo...) Buggy wolfed them down, and the Professor methodically picked off all the breading and ate the chicken. From what I have been told the Y chromosome does tend to predisposition the male species to not like coconut, so that may have been my problem. I loved them though, so we'll chalk these into the 'keep' category, although for the boys in the family I may do two breadings and leave the coconut off half of them in the future.
Finally, Apple, Ham, and Cheese Dinner Cups. Mistress, Buggy, and I all LOVED these, they really were tasty and filling. Perfect for a light but satisfying dinner. I struck out with The Professor, he did not appreciate them as well as the others did. I will say though that he ate the entire thing without gagging to get his dessert so they couldn't have been that bad.
All in all, it was a good weekend for new recipes and we survived without Mr Southern Stitcher. I have put him on notice though that tomorrow is "me" time. :)

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