Friday, June 17, 2011

Have Sack, Will Travel.

Anyone who has traveled with children knows they don't travel lightly! Kids have a lot of stuff, and there isn't much of a way to get around that. Thankfully, mine are all old enough that the plethora of baby gear no longer needs to go with us, but they still want to take some of their treasures with them when we go somewhere. We travel a LOT, especially in the summer. We often take off for a weekend at the beach or a day trip to a museum somewhere that involves an hour or more in the car. I came up with the best solution to curbing all the stuff in the car on the trip...hobo sacks! Each of the kids has one sack, and anything they want to take with them on a car trip has to fit in their sack. It is also up to them to keep track of their possessions on the trip, as Mom has other things to worry about. :)

Using the tutorial as a jumping off point, I altered Dana's instructions to meet my own needs. (Or rather, the kids' needs!) I enlarged the bag to 14 wide and 18 tall and used grosgrain ribbon instead of sewing my own straps. I also tied the ends in loops so that the bag could be hung up. On the bag for Mistress, I made the casing a little larger and added a second row of stitching to make a ruffly effect. And there you go! For about 30 minutes each bag and a little over 1/2 yard of fabric each, the kids have a traveling sack that will limit the amount of stuff that comes with us on a trip. And each is made with love from Mommy!


  1. So cute! It's a great idea! Greg packs his around in a suitcase!!!

  2. Good to see you back; I've missed your posts! Great project, by the way. I love these!