Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments

We've all seen the cute little package tie-ons at the store. They add a finishing touch to any wrapped gift and come in endless varieties to suit any kind of present recipients. While usually not terribly expensive individually, if you want to put them on a number of presents the cost can add up quickly! Here is a simple and cost effective way to add an adorable tie on to your gifts this season! (While I don't know the exact cost, a full sheet of felt is usually $.20-$.25 apiece and you could easily get 3-4 tie-ons out of each sheet.)

Project: Felt Package Tie-Ons/Ornaments
Time: 15 minutes each (ish)
Skill Level: Easy Peasy!

Step 1: Pick your cookie cutter. It works best to use simple shapes that don't have a lot of turns. The easier the shape, the quicker the project!
Trace your shape on a piece of card stock. Cut out.
Spray your cut out shape with repositionable spray adhesive. Do not use permanent adhesive, you want to be able to remove this shape eventually. Allow your adhesive to dry completely before adhering it to your felt.
Cut two pieces of felt large enough to accommodate your shape.
Stick your card stock shape on the felt and pin the two layers together to keep them from shifting.
Stitch around the edge of the card stock shape. I used a contrasting color, you can use the same color as the felt if you wish. Get creative!
Leave an opening to stuff the shape. Pull the two threads through and tie them off.
Lightly stuff the shape with stuffing.
Hold the shape closed and stitch the opening shut.
Pull the two threads through and tie them off. All your threads are now tied.
Using a needle, pull the threads into the center of the ornament to hide them. Clip your threads off.
Trim about 1/8" from the edge of your stitching line.
Now you have your ornament. From here you can embellish them with ribbon, buttons, etc either by sewing or gluing.
I chose the simple route. I made two, punched a hole in each using a crop-a-dile, and threaded string through to make a pair of mittens. They make an adorable package tie on that can easily be reused as an ornament!
For another option, make several of these and use them on a garland, in a wreath, or on a tree!
Quick and simple, the possibilities for these are endless and they make a perfect way to add a personal touch to your package this Christmas!

Happy Holidays to you all and thanks so much for reading my blog! Enjoy your time with your family and I'll see you in 2011 with new projects to keep us all busy!

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